Elective popular offices and urban law enforcement in the 18th century
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Community involvement in the administration of public health in the State of Milan in the 18th century
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Under the Eyes of the Committee of Reports: Local and popular involvement in the maintenance of public order under the National Constituent Assembly (France, 1789-1791)
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Dreams of ‘moving from the Napoleonic code to the new era of the judiciary’ on the eve of establishment of the Kingdom of Poland (1814-1815)
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Establishing republican order in rural areas: actions taken by the Republican Guard’s mobile columns in the Cisalpine Republic (1797-1798)
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How to build a dissident public order. Actors and strategies of the Neapolitan folks’ political mobilization during the 1848 revolution
Pierre-Marie Delpu

Policing a Capital City during a ‘Revolution’. The squadre in Palermo at the Time of the Italian Unification (1860)
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Cooperation or Confrontation? The interaction between police forces and vigilante groups during the postwar years (1918- 1923) in Barcelona
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Maintaining public order without the participation of the population Policing of crowds by the police of public opinion (France, late nineteenth century)
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Laurence Montel

Policing, Participation and People: some historical perspectives
Xavier Rousseaux