Please send all manuscripts in MSWord (.docx) or rich text (.rtf) format to [email protected].

Length limit

Quality is the decisive factor when considering to accepted or rejected a contribution. The character limit of 200.000 (including spaces) is meant to serve as reference point. 

Abstract and Keywords

Contributions must include an abstract in English not exceeding 2000 characters (including spaces). Please add 5-10 keywords.


Subtitles are welcome. Any contributions not in English must include a translation of the title (and subtitle, where applicable) in English.


Longer papers should include subheadings: I., 1., a), aa).


Shorter quotations are indicated with quotation marks. Longer quotations (over 3 lines) are indicated with quotation marks and a separate paragraph.


Please emphasise any words, phrases or sentences with italics.


Please submit images as separate files in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png. The manuscript should contain clear indications where the images are to be inserted. Obtaining printing rights for third-party images is the responsibility of the author. 


Contributions must close with a bibliography including all cited literature and sources, listed bibliographically by author. Footnotes include merely shortened references. 

Monographs: Start with the author’s or editor’s Name (First Name First), followed by the title and the place and year of publication.

Max Müller/Hans Mayer, Vorrang der Verfassung und Eigenständigkeit des Privatrechts, Tübingen 2001.

Edited volumes and anthologies: Please indicate editorship with the appropriate abbreviation in brackets after the editor’s name: (Hg.), (ed.).

Journal articles: Start with the author’s name, then the title of the article, then the journal title and volume (year), with the page numbers at the end after a comma.

Hans Huber, Nationale Budgethoheit und Europäische Integration, ZNR 42 (2020), S. 97-125.

Shortened references in the footnotes 

Monographs, edited volumes and anthologies

Müller/Mayer (Fn. ###), S. 59.

Journal articles

Huber (Fn. ###), S. 105.